'The Online Claimer' is a user-friendly application that provides Medical Practices to not only manage their patients more efficiently and productively, but to also send Bulk Bill claims electronically to Medicare.

It allows for paper-based forms to be replaced with real-time electronic transmissions to Medicare saving Medical Practices much needed office space.

The Online Claimer comprises of the following integrated components:

1. Claim Processing Component

Claim Processing Component covers the Claim Lifecycle which consists of the following stages:

• Verification of patient data
• Confirmation of the validity of the claim data
• Transmission of the claim data
• Retrieval of Medicare reports
• Resolution of claim item errors

2. Patient Management Component

Patient Management Component enables the user to manage the following details:

• Patient demographic details
• Patient visit details
• Referral and treating doctor details
• Clinic details
• Item Number details

Features & Benefits

Easy user-friendly interface

Verification of patient data

Retrieval processing, payment and exception reports

Fewer claim rejections and minimal operator intervention

Claims can be transmitted 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Certainty that the claim has been lodged with immediate confirmation of receipt of bulk bill claim as the information goes directly to Medicare and not through a third party

Paperless business with Medicare Australia

Info Sheet

Read our Info Sheet on The Online Claiming Solution

Information on The Online Claiming Interface

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