Systems Integration

Linking together different computing systems and software applications physically or functionally, to act as a coordinated system is a large and challenging task that in many cases needs some extra personnel to complete the work load.

Acquisition-related integration work permits Computer Frameworks to drawn on the full breadth of its system re-engineering skills, including:

  • Architecture Design
  • Implementation Methodology
  • Middleware expertise
  • Robust Project Management skills
  • Data Conversion experience

Computer Frameworks has successfully completed a number of large-scale integration projects. One of the largest and most complicated undertaken was the Colonial-CBA integration. Computer Frameworks was awarded the lead role of managing and providing resources to the implementation team.

Computer Frameworks brings a strong procedural approach to system re-engineering projects. We understand the importance of creating and maintaining close relationships to better understand, and hence, better meet the needs of our clients. One of the main primary reasons for Computer Framework’s success in this field is the effort on our behalf to invest in developing good rapport with key business stakeholders.

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