Get the custom software solution that you need..

Many businesses are so specialised and unique that off-the-shelf software products are not able to provide the support they require. We specialise in creating a solution for your business that is unique as you are.

Understanding what you need..

Computer Frameworks has a strong history in developing custom-built software applications. We pride ourselves on our strong communication skills that allow us to fully understand the needs of a client and to develop a software application that provides the correct solution to them.

Applications have been made previously in the following areas:

  • retail banking systems
  • lab testing and analysis
  • reporting system
  • margin lending
  • adviser risk review
  • website development and implementation

Software that is anything but soft..

The company’s in-depth knowledge covers all phases of application development, such as analysis, design/modelling, build and implementation. We build in a range of different languages including the microsoft .net technologies, java, and web developing languages; such as javascript, query, html and css.

Computer Frameworks has also built many other software applications that we are now able to implement into a wide variety of organisations in the a range of Industries.

Below are some of Computer Frameworks' previously developed products that are available for use.


Cryoworks Management System TOC





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