Project Management

Effective Project Management is essential for ensuring a project is completed effectively & efficiently, on schedule and within budget. At Computer Frameworks we believe projects or programs of work, irrespective of size or complexity, need strong and effective management.

We work closely with clients to determine the level of management required for each project to ensure a quality solution is delivered on budget and schedule.

Computer Frameworks can provide the right level of project management for any project or program of work. We adhere to the principles of PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) and are able to tailor these principles for the client without impacting on the timeliness or quality of the project. We can also work with other methodologies if requested by the client.

We have extensive project/program management experience across a number of industries including the financial, health and government sectors.

Project Management has been utilised in the areas of:

  • Systems Integration
  • Margin Lending
  • Retail Banking
  • Personal Financial Product Systems
  • Operations and Systems Management
  • Data Discovery

Project Management of Data Migration & Conversions

We have developed a proprietary methodology for preparing and executing major data conversions/migration. We have both led and been involved in a number of transition programs implementing vendor packages in the Financial Services sector. Computer Frameworks has accumulated comprehensive data mapping and transformation expertise.

The largest Data Migration project undertaken by Computer Frameworks to date has been the St. George Bank acquisition of Deutsche Bank’s Margin Lending business. To provide an indication of the scale and complexity of this project, Computer Frameworks had to process information for over 1,000 clients and more that $100 million in receivables. We completed this highly complex and extensive data conversion on time, within budget and with an invitation for repeat work.

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