Computer Frameworks currently offers the below products:

TOC   Claims Connector


The Online Claimer is a stand-alone, user friendly application that provides medical practices the ability to manage their patients, as well as send Bulk Bill claims electronically to Medicare


  The Claims Connector allows users to integrate Medicare Claiming into their clinic management systems, creating a speedier and more secure claiming process.


A database that allows tracking and management of specimens undergoing cryopreservation.  

LMS is medical business management software designed to support Laboratory and Clinic processes as well as administration. LMS handles both Laboratory and Clinic functions and procedures allowing for both business divisions to share patient information.

IT asset management software. The UCMDB is a configuration management database tool for IT managers to maintain and organise all the IT assets in one central database.    



Computer Frameworks has developed unique toolsets from our vast experience in IT solution delivery.

App Framework   EATON
An application development toolset to build rich .Net applications using a three tier architecture.   A modelling tool that offers a systematic approach to describing a business information systems environment. 


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