Practice Management

Computer Frameworks has over ten years experience in developing management systems as well as expansive knowledge and products related to the health and medical industry. We have produced a practice management system designed specifically around the needs and characteristics of each clinic.

Most off the shelf products provide a lot of features that have little or no use in certain practices. Computer Frameworks has adopted a modular approach to product development that allows a ‘pick and mix’ scenario for customers. That means you get to choose what functionality you need, giving you what you want at the right price.

The main benefits of this approach are:

  • Customised, modular solutions for each practice: don’t need a certain function? Then don’t pay for it; leave it out!
  • Cleaner design with less bulky interfaces and unnecessary functions
  • A competitive price that changes based on your needs
  • As your practice expands, so does your system: adding modules is simple, allowing clinicians to build onto their existing functionality with no trouble
  • : Computer Frameworks knows the medical industry and can help you decide wha functions are useful for you and what is not

The customisation of the system paves the way for you to select from the long list of available functions:

Core Framework
  • User friendly interface
  • Integrated and centralised database
  • Data security and multi-level access to ensure privacy and sensitivity
  • File attachment: letters, scans, emails, reports, images, treatment plans

Scheduling & Appointments

  • Bookings and cancellations
  • Live calendar for multiple doctor/waiting rooms
  • SMS and email reminders
  • Booking history
  • Missed appointments
  • Waiting room list
Online Claiming
  • Medicare Online
  • DVA
  • Eclipse
Patient Management
  • Patient notes
  • Patient / doctor relationships
  • Referral system
  • Label and barcode printing
Doctor Management
  • Database of referral doctors
  • Management of treating doctors
  • Management of medical practices and clinics
  • Invoices and receipts
  • Payment reconciliation
  • Invoice and payment history
  • Specimen receipt
  • Specimen categorisation
  • Analysis and test results
  • Label and barcode printing
  • Reports generated in Excel and Word
  • HL7 electronic transmission of results
  • LONIC codes
  • AMT (Australian Medical Terminology)
  • NIMs (Nurse Initiated Medications)
  • PBS
  • Reporting of Schedule A drugs
  • Patient, drug, dose, frequency, route of administration
  • Personally Controlled eHealth Record
  • Individual Health Identifier

Whether you need to move from paper to paperless, completely overhaul your current operation or add specific, key modules to an existing third party system, Computer Frameworks can deliver an effective, customised, personal solution at a competitive price.

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