Computer Frameworks & the Health Industry

Since 2004, we’ve worked with a wide range of Medical and Clinical organisations, ranging from small Specialist Practitioners to specialty laboratories.  We’ve developed a method of engaging with our clients that has allowed us to create high quality products that are fully immersed into the organisations workflows.

We have a unique understanding as to how laboratories, clinics and the Health Industry in general operate. We’ve used this knowledge to create a number of outstanding applications.


Cryoworks Cryogenic Management System is a specialised software application that supervises the collection, freezing, storage and thawing of samples undergoing cryopreservation including; blood vials, semen, embryo/oocytes, as well as tracking the personnel involved. See More


The Online Claimer is a stand alone software application that allows users to replace their paper claiming to Medicare with an electronic claiming process that is more secure, reliable and efficient. See More

Claims Connector

Claims Connector integrates Medicare Claiming into an existing system. This allows those who have an already established Practice Management System to integrate electronic claiming. See More

Lab Management System

Lab Management System (LMS) is a Medical/Business Management Software designed to support Laboratory and Clinic processes as well as administration. LMS handles both Laboratory and Clinic functions and procedures allowing for both business divisions to share patient information. See More

Software Application Development

Computer Frameworks has expertise in creating customised software applications for labs and health facilities. We understand the need for records to be correct and secure, and are able to create a solution that fits the needs of our client.

Alongside developing custom built software applications, Computer Frameworks also utilises its broad systems knowledge to provide clients with maintenance and support, for not only our own in-house developed applications but for third-party applications also. This type of maintenance can include consolidating duplicate data, bug fixes and reversing human error.

To find out more about how Computer Frameworks can help you, contact us on (02) 9299 1212 or by our contact form.


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