Computer Frameworks in the Financial Industry

Computer Frameworks has over 30 years of experience in the Finance and Banking Industry.

We have worked for some of Australia's largest financial companies on a number of different projects including ANZ Bank, BT Financial Group, Commonwealth Bank of Australia and the National Australia Bank. For more on our on clients see our client section.

Architecture Consulting

Our experience on both high and low level enterprise system architectures allows us to excel in creating blueprints, forming strategic options and delivering recommendations to support evolving technological directions.

Computer Frameworks has also undertaken architecture reviews to establish compatibility between current systems and the systems of potential acquisition targets. In addition to architecture reviews, we are knowledgeable in the areas of technical audits and pre-audit discovery work. We have completed many end-to-end projects, which encompass every task from requirements gathering through to the successful implementation of new system architecture.

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Systems Integration

Computer Frameworks have successfully completed a number of large-scale integration projects. Acquisition-related integration work permits Computer Frameworks to draw on the full breadth of its system re-engineering skills.

Computer Frameworks brings a strong procedural approach to system re-engineering projects. We understand the importance of creating and maintaining close relationships to better understand, and hence, better meet the needs of our clients. One of the primary reasons for Computer Frameworks' success in this field is the effort on our behalf to invest in developing good rapport with key business stakeholders.

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Project Management

Computer Frameworks has in-depth experience managing projects for complex data conversions in conjunction with replacing legacy systems with vendor packages.

We have developed a proprietary methodology for preparing and executing major data conversions. Subsequently Computer Frameworks has accumulated comprehensive data mapping and transformation expertise.

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Business Consulting

Computer Frameworks is able to provide technical consulting on an "as needed" basis. We can also provide detailed technical risk assessments on IT solutions and operations. This includes reviewing current business procedures and establishing whether or not they comply with current information technology policies, business rules and any other standards or compliances that a company may have.

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Case Studies

Margin Lending Report

Computer Frameworks has worked on a large scope of varied projects in the Financial Industry. Case Studies and White Papers can be viewed here.

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