IT Strategy, Systems Planning and Enterprise Architecture

Computer Frameworks understands what it takes to run a business. We understand the challenges of aligning a company’s business strategy, with its business vision and business model, with its IT strategy.

Most importantly we understand the company must maintain customer service levels in times of change.

Computer Frameworks can provide expert advice specific to your business on:

• the creation of IT strategies and transformation Road Maps
• the formation of strategic options that support the IT strategy
• providing recommendations to support evolving technological directions

Computer Frameworks has undertaken architecture reviews:

• as part of an acquisition program to establish compatibility between current and target systems
• as part of due diligence
• relating to technical audits and pre-audit discovery work

Our architecture solutions provide a business with the systems and tools to:

• continue its core business activities in an effective and efficient manner
• achieve its business vision
• develop and grow its business in support of their vision
• maintain high levels of customer satisfaction
• effectively share customer and company data across multiple systems in multiple locations

We have developed our own methodologies for completing architecture designs and implementing new strategies in an organisation.

We understand the financial impacts of any large scale change programs and our customers can be well assured that this is taken into account when designing a new IT strategy.

We have found our approach and expertise to be of great value to SMEs (small to medium enterprises) where there is a shortage of technical and business experience.

In addition to our expertise in the Enterprise Architecture field we also specialise in the following areas:

• Current state analysis
• IT strategy planning
• Integration solutions and planning
• Technical concept design
• Technical risk assessments
• Solution and strategy review

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