Make the move today to e-commerce.

E-commerce today is essential to any business trying to stay competitive. An e-store is at work all day, every day and is visible worldwide. On the other hand, a worldwide market place means that there is a larger amount of competition, a business needs to have a great shop front to entice customers to shop there. In the online marketplace, that means a high quality e-commerce website.

The basis for a solid e-commerce site is a balance between accessibility for the consumer and ease of use for the business owners. At Computer Frameworks, we strive to merge the two seamlessly in order to create a site where visitors soon become customers.

Benefits of making the move

For a small or medium business an online store can provide new channels of revenue and advertising, but can be tiresome to manage and maintain. Our website systems are built with the understanding that businesses have a variety of needs and only a limited amount of time. As such, there are many benefits available:

  • Security for your site and the transactions made within it
  • A system with little management required post-implementation
  • Access to some customisation tools, allowing for aesthetic changes after release
  • Technical support from the Computer Frameworks team
  • Potential for SEO to increase traffic
  • Optional third party advertising to generate small revenue from the site itself
  • Your own domain name
  • Simple management tools for adding, editing and removing items
  • Automatic logs of traffic and purchases recorded for review

Guest to your site will enjoy easily navigated menus, categories and filtered searches. With the ability to identify specific items, brands, trends and price ranges, customers will buy quickly, and aided by detailed item information, will never walk away disappointed with their purchase. A traditional shopping cart system in conjunction with payment by card or online services such as PayPal will create an easy environment for making that final purchase.

Computer Frameworks understands business and we bring that experience to light when creating specified and custom website designs. An online store needs to be easy to manage, good looking and accessible on all levels, for all people. By understanding your practices, your clientele and your unique needs, we can deliver a more personal website that will help your business grow.



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