Our Client Engagement Process

"Computer Frameworks met and exceed the bank's expectations.. Computer Frameworks has been very responsive to client needs and showed initiative and proactivity."

Orhan Ozguner Executive Manager of Business Solutions Commonwealth Bank

Computer Frameworks follows a simple and standard process when establishing an engagement with clients. We can engage with the client on either a contractual time and materials basis or capped arrangement.

The first step in this process is for a meeting to be held between Computer Frameworks and the client to discuss the problems or challenges the business is facing, what type of solution may be required, evaluate the issues that may arise and agree a way forward.

The next stage is for Computer Frameworks, in collaboration with the client, to create a work brief outlining the engagement, the proposed deliverables with suggested time lines, key personnel and an outline of the costs.

Once the Work Brief has been agreed to and signed by both parties, the time line will be confirmed and work will commence. In the majority of cases the first activity is to then confirm or finalise the requirements outlined in the work brief.


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