Case Studies

Computer Frameworks has worked with a wide range of companies of varied size and scope on a number of different projects including:


Computer Frameworks has long been engaged with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and has helped with the completion of a number of different projects including 'Online Auction and Procurement Systems Rationalisation Programme', 'Enterprise Document Imaging Architecture', 'Domain Architecture for Global Asset Management', 'Content and Interface Standards', 'Credit Card Transformation', 'Fraud and Risk Strategy' and 'Service Desk Management'. CBA is proof of Computer Frameworks commitment to long term client relationships and the company's commitment to its clients.

DNA Labs

DNA Labs needed an end-to-end laboratory management system that would track patients and specimens, print reports and formulate accounts information. Computer Frameworks conducted all the requirements gathering and built the system end to end in Access and SQL Server for the laboratory. Computer Frameworks has maintained a relationship with DNA Laboratories well into the user phase continuing to provide support whenever it is required.


Computer Frameworks has enjoyed a working relationship with Genea (previously Sydney IVF) for a long period. Computer Frameworks has helped to increase productivity of workflows and has help to facilitate the data migration component of an integration project. By working closely with Genea to understand user requirements and the current system, we have been working towards data consolidation and migration over varying systems and across multiple regions. Computer Frameworks has also put together custom software used to manage Genea's stem cell research.


ClearView need a framework to guide the initiation of the Advice Platform Project. Compueter Frameworks conducted a Post Implementation Review (PIR) on the 'Toolbox Project' in order to offer such a framework to ClearView. The PIR encompassed activities such as compiling documents describing key findings for the review/assessment in a manner that was defined by ClearView.


The steering committee of ASOC required Computer Frameworks to upgrade their database for the purposes of being compatible with the latest version of the windows platform. In doing so, Computer Frameworks was able to increase the functionality and the scope of the program, as well as improve the user interface.


IT Capabilities Review

The UNSW Facilities Division of Information Services gave Computer Frameworks the task of conducting a review of its IT capabilites and requirements. UNSW’s approach to IT resources prior to the review had been lacking in control and integration, which had introduced many costs such as duplication of effort and data redundancies. The findings from the review were used by UNSW to enable Facilities to make more informed decisions about its current and future information technology requirements.


Computer Frameworks was engaged to provide a technical audit of the Ariba implementation. This report required the staff to quickly come up to speed with the e-procurement implementation at RailCorp. The staff ran workshops and reviewed all documentation over a four-week period and produced and presented a report to the stakeholder in the following three weeks.

White Papers

Computer Frameworks also has a number of White Papers on our products, services and solutions that present a number of Case Studies of our previous work:

  Lab Management System
  Margin Lending
  Medicare Online Claimer
  Reporting Solution Architecture
  Case Study: Sydney IVF


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