CRYOWORKS Management System allows Scientists to quickly and accurately manage specimens that undergo cryopreservation.

This ensures less time is spent by scientist on administrative tasks, and more time is focused on patient services.

In the beginning, the management of frozen specimens was tracked using a combination of index cards and spreadsheets. This approach was suitable given the low volume of specimens that were processed by the lab. Nowadays, scientists continue to work with systems that are proving to be inefficient and consequently, spending more time to ensure records are correct and to ensure each frozen specimen is accounted for.

Cryoworks is also able to be adapted internationally.

Download the booklet.


2 Tier architecture
(application is separate to database)

Secure database

Security logon

Management of doctors and clinics

Management of patients, orders and specimen collection

Recording of freezing and thawing details

Able to manage storage information for more than one clinic/location

Flexible searching ability

Technical Specs can be downloaded here.


Storage, thawing and usage information is managed in one location

Storage records cannot physically be misplaced

Allows scientist to focus on patient services and specimen analysis

Information is stored in a structured and logical manner, meaning reports can be generated and all information can be queried on

Facilitates a positive ID check where each specimen freezing and usage is subject to double identity check

Can be integrated with existing Patient, Specimen and Billing
systems (this is integration and customisation work that is carried out by Computer Frameworks at an extra cost)

If you would like more information on the capabilities of the CRYOWORKS Management System or would like to request a demo; email or call +612 9299 1212.





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