Computer Framework's Culture

We pride ourselves on our core values and creating a healthy culture of honesty, teamwork, creativity and diligence.

We believe that strong core values are the foundation on which all-encompassing company excellence is built. The team share and adhere to a strong set of core values that is the backbone of the company culture.

Core Values


We have the honesty and courage to say and do what we believe is right, to be truthful in our communication and to not mislead; we are always open with relevant information with a view to win-win situations in all discussions and negotiations.


We work with courtesy, respect, diligence, resourcefulness and attention to detail.


We work together in unison with the client, with respect and consideration for each other at all times. We are a well-integrated team.


We face any challenge with dedication and perseverance.


We strive to create original, innovative and straight forward solutions to fit customer needs.


We acknowledge the environment in all of our activities, considering the concept 'it is safe to self, safe to others and safe to the environment'.


We embrace independent responsibility for all commitments undertaken and follow each task through until completion with dedication and accountability.


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