Computer Frameworks is an Australian Company, we specialise in Architecture and Software Development for web & application systems. We have a track record in delivering to the Life Sciences & Health, Government and Banking & Finance.

The Company was established due to a desire to establish a new standard in service in the IT industry. When engaging with Computer Frameworks, you will deal with professional staff who will do what it takes to achieve the results you are looking for.

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Indepth Knowledge & Flexible Approach

We have over 30 years of in-depth industry knowledge, allowing us to create high quality solutions. Our boutique size allows us to be flexible and dynamic in our approach. It doesn't matter the size or scope of the business, we are able to work with both big and small companies, local and international. Our expertise is such that we can deploy the same high quality of service, no matter the scale of work.

Health and Medical Expertise

Since 2004, we have worked in the Health and Medical Industry creating software solutions that improve client efficiency and productivity, reduce errors and enable the development of improved business procedures. These solutions have been achieved through custom builds or software products such as Cryoworks or The Online Claimer.



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